Tuesday, September 05, 2006

(From Go-Go)

Here is a photo of me with Bon-Bon. We are just waiting for mommy to take good pictures of us together, then we can eat her birthday treats...

Bon-Bon's Birthday!!! (from Go-Go)

We had a birthday party for Bon-Bon last night.
It was little early birthday, but Mommy & Daddy couldn't wait!
Bon-Bon got all kinds of treats and she let me share them with her.
Bon-Bon is 2 years old now.
She always acts crazy in front of camera, but she let mommy take many pictures last night.
She probably wanted to look pretty in her birthday pictures!
Hello Everybunnies, My name is Bon-Bon. I am 2yeays old girl bunny!

Hello Everyone! My name is Go-Go.
I am a boy bunny. I am 2 years old.